Belleve Farm Subdivision Aerial

South Bellevue Farm is a 20-acre long-plat located on Westcott Bay in San Juan County. Brad Augustine served as the syndicator and developer of Bellevue Farm, LLC in 1995 This 20-acre partial was subdivided into eight residential home lots.

Protective conditions and restrictions were placed on the plat to protect views of Westcott Bay for the benefit of all lot owners. 82 acres of common waterfront and buffer were created to enhance and protect natural beauty of the surroundings. A Group B public water system was designed and built to serve all eight residences for potable water.

Common elements include a tennis court, a pond, shared access to the beach, and two roads. A combination of homes built on spec and owner representation culminated in the construction of seven out of the eight residential homes. All lots were successfully sold and the LLC was completed in 1997.