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What Makes the East Hill Village Center Great?

The Kent East Hill Village retail center is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of Location, Location, Location. The site is situated in the heart of East Hill commercial district of Kent at the intersections of State Highways 516 and 515. Highway 515 (104th Street) is the main feeder for residents living north of East Hill as well as residents in the Fairwood and Petrovitsky neighborhoods of Renton.

In order for these residents to commute to Seattle via Interstate 5 as well as Highway 167 from East Hill, drivers turn west off of 104th Avenue to Highway 516 (SE 256th Street) and then onto Highway 167 or I-5. The East Hill Village is well located to catch commuters with ease as access driveways will be located on both 104th Avenue as well as SE 256th Street (see enclosed site plan).

South of the subject property (within a mile) are existing small farm properties with residential subdivision and new home construction commencing at a swift pace. South of East Hill represents a new residential growth area for the next five years.

The East Hill Village retail center stands out from the neighboring shopping center due to its high quality of construction and well landscaped grounds. Public sidewalks were increased from 5 feet to 10 feet and incorporates trees and tree grates located in the sidewalk, and architectural lamp poles in their design. Landscaped areas within the East Hill Village total approximately 8,000 square feet (double the area required by the City of Kent). The use of a grass parking strip and outside dining patios for the Building "B" pad enhances the pedestrian use of the retail center.

Kent Meridian High School is located to the west and north of the East Hill Village. This is a large metro 4A campus of approximately 2,000 students. It has recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation to add a room for the freshman class as well as a performing arts center. Pedestrian use from the High School is anticipated to be high for the retail center due to the close proximity as well as pedestrian friendly sidewalks and landscaping.

East Hill Village raises the bar and sets a new standard for Neighborhood Shopping Centers in Kent.